EXECUTIVE PROTECTION COURSES (Basic – Advanced – Team Leader ) are physically and mentally demanding, designed  for those who wish to master the craft of personal protection and be qualified according to international low-profile best practices and real world experiences. Many candidates making research to select between the hundreds of similar courses, insist on choosing the ones that dedicate a big portion of the program in live – fire shooting and impressive close combat skills.

Although we respect that approach, unfortunately we regret to inform you that your clients will most likely never see how fast you draw your weapon from the holster or how good you are in self-defense techniques. It’s all about common sense – even if you carry a weapon would you shoot a target while providing your services in the street of a city like Paris, Rome or Geneva, where thousands of innocent people are around? Probably not!

Although clients wish to hire a protector with significant combat and fighting background, most of the time they will assess your softer skills, like appearance, attitude, punctuality, modesty, matureness and crisis management ability, before recommending you to others.

Especially in the corporate  world , no client wants  a “tattooed Rambo” by their side believe it or not. We are here to train you how to effectively match job requirements of an Executive Protection role opening and be  respected as a  low-profile  Executive Protection specialist.

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